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Transamazonica (2017)

6x30' - 1x80'   |   English   |  Producer  Director 

The Amazon rainforest is on fire. "This is not just a forest that is burning, this is a cemetery. All you can see is death", said Greenpeace's Rosana Villar. Brazil has 85% more fires burning than this time last year, a consequence of the dramatic increase in illegal deforestation that could deprive the world of a critical buffer against climate change. We are close to a tipping point that if crossed, it's irreversible. In 2016, Reza undertook a 4000-mile journey across the Amazon rainforest to discover the fragility of ‘the lungs of the planet’ and the toilsome lives of those who call it home.  Joined by British journalist Pip Stewart, they set out to investigate the perils faced by the Amazon, and to experience the greatest rainforest on earth in a unique and breath-taking expedition along the Trans-Amazonian Highway.

Transamazonica - Official Trailer
Riproduci Video
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