The Arrows of Truth (2017)

1x74'   |   English/French   |  History/Investigative Journalism

Alain and Dafroza Gauthier have spent over a decade fighting the French legal system to bring to justice the masterminds of the Rwandan Genocide, who are living comfortable lives in France. But for almost twenty years they have been met with state and judicial obstruction as parts of the French authorities a ttempt to derail a process that would ultimately shed further light on French complicity in the genocide, which claimed the lives of over 800,0000 Tutsis. In 2013, for the first time in French legal history, and thanks to the Gauthiers, the trial of the Head of Intelligence at the time of the Genocide is about to begin in a court in Paris. The Gauthiers are fighting to bring others to trial, some of who are still receiving tacit and direct support from the French authorities. Will these individuals be convicted? Will the truth of the extent of French complicity be exposed? 

The Arrows of Truth
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