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Sogni di Grande Nord - Big North (2021)

83 min   |   Italian  |  Feature    Documentary  |  Adventure

​Big North ​is a Feature Documentary, a journey of an Italian multi awarded writer, Paolo Cognetti, in the footsteps of the writers who mostly influenced and inspired him as a storyteller (Jack London, Hemingway, Henry David Thoreau, Raymond Carver, Jack Kerouac). The Documentary explores the relationship between mankind and wilderness, in a long trip that will take Paolo through British Columbia, Yukon, Alaska, meeting people who are currently living in the woods and exploring the origin and the controversies of their choice. This lifetime adventure will end on the Stampede trail in Alaska, all the way until bus 142, where Chris McCandless (​Into the wild​) reached the final stage of his lifetime spiritual search and journey.

PAOLO COGNETTI. SOGNI DI GRANDE NORD: Al cinema solo il 30 novembre, 1 e 2 dicembre
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