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Sea Angels - Angeli del Mare (2018)

10 x 25 - 1x80   |   Italian   |  Migrattion/Current Affair

The Series is focused on the daily tasks of all the men and women who are working in the frontline, rescuing thousands of migrants who are fleeing from war, slavery, rape, torture, hunger. Boatloads of people pushed out to sea on a desperate journey that often turns into the deadliest route. With the crucial support of the Italian Coast Guard, together with the Italian Red Cross and other NGO, we'll report on their efforts to provide search and rescue activities, first aid, emergency shelters and all the humanitarian and psychological support that the migrants need. The largest refugee crisis of our time is taking place right here and right now, the number of displaced people is larger than after War World II.

Sea Angels | Angeli del Mare  | Official Trailer @Tv2000it @samarcandafilm
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