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Se fate i bravi (2022)

101 min   |   Italy/Belgium   |  Feature 


It's been twenty years since Genoa, 2001.

Twenty years is the time in which a newborn becomes a person: nowadays there is an entire generation that is autonomous and present, yet which was not born at the time.

Twenty years is the time in which a boy becomes an adult, and an adult becomes an elder. There are two generations who have gone through that experience, in one way or another, and twenty years later they cannot consider it closed. The dream of Genoa 2001 is not over, because the themes of those days – growing inequality, finance which concentrates resources in few hands and makes precarious or crushes the others, environment robbery, great migrations – are today's issues, only more urgent. And the violence of Genoa 2001 is not over, because that violence has been told many times, and counter-told, celebrated or condemned, but never understood or resolved.

Twenty years is a cycle of human time, in which an event happened is far enough away to be looked at in perspective, with detachment, rediscovered and connected with other facts that, at the time, seemed unrelated. Yet, it is still close enough to be current, able to speak in the present and to meet thousands of people who carry that experience with them, who can tell it, who perhaps continue to relive it. Now is the right time to talk about it: to start from Genoa to go beyond Genoa, and to understand what Genoa means.

Se Fate i Bravi | Trailer Ufficiale
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