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Ibla - Le chiavi dell' Anima (2021)

63 Min  |   Italian  |  Feature    Documentary  |  Art/Music/Travel

Ibla - Le chiavi dell' Anima (Ibla - A music journey - english title) is a one-off documentary that follows the winners of the competition on their tour around the world, from the Asian megalopolis to the American college cities and finally to New York, for the most exciting step of their tour: the concert at Carnegie Hall. At the same time, the jurors of the prize evaluate the auditions of the candidates for the following year's competition, in order to select the musicians who will compete in Ibla at the end of July. Every year the winners of the competition will become the members of the jury for the following year's prize. Ibla - Le chiavi dell' Anima (Ibla - The Magic Play - english title) is a film about freedom, unconsciousness, music, beauty and the legacy of the past. But also about future, hope and dreams. Because through the "stalking" of young and older musicians (this is the only competition that does not set any age limit) we want to tell how people can still dream of making a living with music. For someone might be the only way to achieve success, for someone else would be the improvement of a natural talent, for another one carrying on family legacy... But for everyone, going to Ibla and play in front of an audience of strangers is an opportunity of lifetime. Our guide will be the founder of the award, Salvatore Moltisanti, musician and citizen of Ragusa. And when the winners will finally perform in front of the New York audience at Carnegie Hall, we would have been part of a great, exciting dream. A dream that has only the sky as its limit.

Ibla - Le chiavi dell' Anima - Trailer
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